How to acquire camera using getUserMedia?

The getUserMedia() API in WebRTC is primarily responsible capturing the media streams currently available. The WebRTC standard provides this API for accessing cameras and microphones connected to the computer or smartphone. These devices are commonly referred to as Media Devices and can be accessed with JavaScript through the navigator.mediaDevices object, which implements the MediaDevices interface. From this object we can enumerate all connected devices, listen for device changes (when a device is connected or disconnected), and open a device to retrieve a Media Stream.

The most common way this is used is through the function getUserMedia(), which returns a promise that will resolve to a MediaStream for the matching media devices. This function takes a single MediaStreamConstraints object that specifies the requirements that we have. For instance, to simply open the default microphone and camera, we would do the following.

const mediaDevices = async (constraints) => {
    return await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(constraints);

try {
    const stream = mediaDevices({'video':true,'audio':true});
    console.log('Got MediaStream:', stream);
} catch(error) {
    console.error('Error while trying to access media devices.', error);

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